Distorted Solarised Chromolithograph With Saxophone

Audio only version of this episode ~

Which opens up another dilemna. Two consecutive past tense words. “A distorted solarised chromolithograph.” Not sure what the grammar rules are with this but it does kind of look wrong. For example “Rusted painted letterbox” would appear to read more correctly as “Rusty painted letterbox”.

Inserting “and” could make it read better: “A distorted and solarised chromolithograph.” But as a title for this show I still like “Distorted Solarised Chromolithograph with Saxophone” better than “Distorted and Solarised Chromolithograph with Saxophone.”

But what about “A galvanised painted letterbox?” That seems to work fine. It’s even better than “A galvanised and painted letterbox?” Fine, it was probably galvanised first so “A painted galvanised letterbox?” And I can see the argument that a “galvanised letterbox” is an object in itself. The double past tense kind of mute.

Well my argument for the moment (getting a bit desperate) is that the chromolithograph was solarised first and the distortion overlayed as a secondary step. (The distortion in the audio in this case from leaving the vocoder on)