Friday Night Death

Friday Night Death is a live improvisation (music and visuals) that streams every Friday at 11.00pm ADST (midday GMT).

Live IMPROVISED Music PERFORMED by Konk Zooben

  • Saxophone
  • Gufukra (aka GUF which consists of things collected to make noises including bits and pieces hanging from or screwed to a ladder, custom made sample trigger devices (Babbleboxes), electronic drum and other analogue and digital noise manipulating gadgets)
  • Voice
  • Guest Artists (as noted)

Video constructions

The visuals are live generated and streamed in real time during the show by a series of devices, cameras, shell scripts and free software collectively referred to as the Video Unzymotic Generator (VUG). All programming and engineering by Konk Zooben.


Images sources include:

  • Digital, analogue and pinhole cameras.
  • Mobile phone photos.
  • Contributed art and photos.
  • Images from the public domain and CC0 sources.
  • Many background “textures” prior to 2021 were sourced from @noisemakerbot

Musique concrète sources(TRIGGERED BY A BABBLEBOX)

Voice samples (triggered by A babblebox)

  • Public domain and CC0 recordings

Extra special samples and sonic fictions by Loopy C (triggered by babblebox)

Music by Loopy C (the samples often unceremoniously chopped and mutilated) features in over 60 episodes particularly in 2018 and most of 2019. Thousands of different Loopy C “sonic fictions” were rotated in and out of the Babblebox usually on a weekly basis. It got to the point where a second “stereo” box “Babblebox C” had to be built. Loopy C lives in the mountain desert in California. Loopy C soundcloud page

Guest artists who have APPEARED live on FND include:


A play along episode in this context is where a supplied audio track has been been used in its entirety. Loopy C sometimes refers to these types of recordings as “dub plates”. Night Of Radiance is a 21 minute unadulterated piece by Loopy C that was used in full with only live saxophone added.