Friday Night Death

Friday Night Death is a live music and visual sideshow from Earth that streams every Friday at 11.00pm ADST (midday GMT).

Live IMPROVISED Music PERFORMED by Konk Zooben

  • Saxophone
  • Babbleboxes (custom made sample trigger boxes)
  • Gufukra (things hanging from or screwed to a ladder, DIY sample trigger gadgets, electronic drum and other analogue and digital noise manipulating devices)
  • Voice

Video constructions

All video and visuals are live generated and streamed in real time during the show. All programming by Konk Zooben using a variety of shell scripts, imagemagick and other free software.


Images sources include:

  • Digital, analogue and pinhole cameras.
  • Mobile phone photos.
  • Contributed art and photos.
  • Images from the public domain and CC0 sources.
  • Many background “textures” prior to 2021 were sourced from @noisemakerbot

Musique concrète sources

Voice samples (triggered by babblebox)

  • Public domain and CC0 recordings

Extra special samples and sonic fictions by Loopy C (triggered by babblebox)

Music by Loopy C (the samples often unceremoniously chopped and mutilated) features in over 60 episodes particularly in 2018 and most of 2019. Thousands of different Loopy C “sonic fictions” were rotated in and out of the Babblebox usually on a weekly basis. It got to the point where a second “stereo” box “Babblebox C” had to be built. Loopy C lives in the mountain desert in California. Loopy C soundcloud page

Guest artists who have APPEARED live on FND include:


A play along episode in this context is where a supplied audio track has been been used in its entirety. Loopy C sometimes refers to these types of recordings as “dub plates”. Night Of Radiance is a 21 minute unadulterated piece by Loopy C that was used in full with only live saxophone added. This type of thing became hugely popular on Earth in 2020 during the Covid19 pandemic where people shared recordings over the internet and played over the top of them.